Surfin' Pig?

Brothers John and Duke, and their cousin Jim, grew up together in Ambler, PA. They lived less than a half-mile from each other for almost 20 years. They went to the same schools, they played on the same teams, they got pizza from the same pizza shop, they hung out together with the same friends, heck, they practically lived in each other's homes. They even shared the same grandparents. John and Duke's mom is the sister of Jim's father, and Jim's mom is the sister of John and Duke's father. They couldn't be more family unless they were brothers!

Part of growing up in an Irish (Jim's Dad, and John and Duke's Mom) and Italian (Jim's Mom and...ah, you get the picture!) family taught them that family was important. Since their Italian grandparents lived with Jim's family, it also meant that there was always — and we mean always — homemade Italian food around. And lots of it!


The family, cultural, and culinary influences of their youth gave way to their passion for and curiosity about the "art and science" of food. Family get-togethers often included exchanging recipes, information, discoveries, and experiences with new foods. Their passion and curiosity led to their expanding food experiments with other regional and cultural fare. Family functions started to include authentic barbeque, Tex-Mex, Latin, Southern, and European influences. You were just as likely to find John's huge paella at the family picnic as you were burgers and dogs. Or the trailer smoker with Duke's pig that had been roasting for 20+ hours. Or Jim's homemade sausage, using both their Italian Grandmom's recipe and her hand-crank meat grinder.

Which brings us to Surfin' Pig. Just a fun name with a fun logo that started with a restaurant "downa shore" and continues today through catering and events. The best and freshest ingredients, prepared with the utmost attention to quality, and the perfect blend of seasonings. The result is some really good food.